Vital Mobile Reader

Take Payments Anywhere


Whether you have a mobile food truck, have a farmers market stand or turn an 8-foot table into an ordering window, Vital Mobile is always ready to take payments, ANYWHERE in the US!

Vital Mobile brings your business into the future by streamlining the way you take payments, all while bettering the experience for you and your customers



When you can’t use a traditional credit card terminal, cut the cords and enjoy the convenience of payment processing with Vital Mobile. Its little card reader fits neatly in your pocket and is compatible with a wide variety of smart phones and devices. Compact and versatile, Vital Mobile is powering the next generation of secure card acceptance.

Free Card Reader

We’ll make the negotiation process easy for you: It’s free! The card reader is bluetooth so it will work with any phone or tablet

Simply put, it is the fastest, most cost-effective way to process transactions.


Secure and Encrypted

Process transactions safely with end-to-end encryption. Our mobile card reader is PC-DSS certified, which prevents card fraud.

Everything You Need and More

Setup your store, input products, process sales transactions, void a transaction, issue refunds, collect tips, email receipts, and more.